We have an experience that stretches across 18 years, filled    with festivities such as weddings, birthday parties, student    celebrations, dissertation dinners, New Year Eve’s parties,    memorial services and work parties. These events have
   always been appreciated by our guests, which is something
   that we are very proud of.

   When you have a look inside our 140 year old castle like    building in central Malmö, you will find a fresh, light and    spaceous hall. We also offer you a guaranteed free parking,    housing for you and your guests in the rooms located above
   the hall and of course a friendly treatment from an experienced    staff.

   During your event you will have the entire castle for yourselves    which includes the main hall, a dance floor, a small sideroom    next to the hall that you can use for e.g. your younger children    or for separate talks, a cozy terrace and three double rooms
                                                                                            on the upper floor.

We do not only rent out the premises, but are also happy to help you organise and execute the entire event. We help you plan everything about the menue, drinks, schedule, time settings, etc. We always have at least ten well-designed menues, which are carefully cooked and served. We apply a price per person system. This includes literally everything: food, drinks, table settings, rental of premises, service, parking and cleaning. You will hence always know in advance how much the event will cost. All groups between 15 to 130 people are welcome, and you have possibility to party until 3 o’clock in the night.

The Berg Family

Heleneholm Slott, Restaurang & Pensionat
Ystadvägen 23, 214 45 Malmö
Tel/fax: 040-838 84, mob: 0736-19 04 37
e-mail: heleneholm@swipnet.se
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